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Well, well, well!

This is a new community for the McFLY Street Teamers to make secrets about each other.

If you want some examples of other LiveJournal Secret communities and see how it all works, visit mcflysecrets and mcbeef.

This is specifically for the Street Teamers. You can bitch about people on the Street Team that you might not want to tell to anyone else. Or declare your secret love to someone.

Make sure all posts are anonymous and they are screened, which means that only the mods (Claire and I) will only be able to view.

We'll share out the workload of secrets, alternating each week. Going along the same routine as mcflysecrets.

Secrets will be posted every Saturday, just to be different.

So, we hope you enjoy mcflystsecrets and have a good time bitching. :D

Katie & Claire xo
(ktay & clairabella)
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