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Secrets post.







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December 30 2006, 00:11:50 UTC 10 years ago

HAHAHAHA well said by all except the slash hater.
Bitcy secrets!
woah they are bitchy!
it wasn't me or emily that started anything thankyou.

Get your facts straight before you fly off the handle.
I wasn't accusing either of you, Vicky, just so you know.
oh my god I would just like to thank all the little people who got me to secret number 7 and you have wated all that time just to worship me
I love you in the back row
LOL to cat_loves_mcfly comment.
These are well bitchier than i thought they would be.

(looking at my journal wont tell you who i am, cause its from feb 2005. I'm JenRocks)x
seeing as number 7 is unoriginal and people shoild think of better things to say than that
why does everyone hte fletchergirl w.e so much?:S
she dosn't even do anything...?

and number 7 made me laugh i don't no why ( offence to the peron) i think its hw its worded lmfao.

and i dont get number 3 :l you just seem to ramble on ??

and number 6 is so true!! theres absolutley no point in it:S


December 30 2006, 13:50:28 UTC 10 years ago

Regards to Fletchergirl.

Stop it now.

You judge her, and I know what it is like to be judged, to walk down the street and be stared at because I don't get about using my feet, I use wheels. Without her I wouldn't be me, and I would never have gotten through this past year, and she's always there to make me smile.

Get to know people first, please!!! And if you don't, in my opinion you're all worthless who don't realise how short life is, and how quickly everything can change.

Without Tom my girl probably wouldn't be here, same as for me, but with Bob Dylan and music like that.

Learn to grow up!



December 30 2006, 13:57:12 UTC 10 years ago

Why the hell have you written about this?
Its actually well out.
Just coz your jealous, eh?
Well piss off & get some pictures of you & Tom so you can talk about them - Instead of your jealousy :]

Re: oi


January 4 2007, 12:48:36 UTC 10 years ago

I have pictures of me and Tom thanks.


December 30 2006, 14:06:25 UTC 10 years ago

Y'know what I really dont understand?
Why the fuck are you picking on Traceh?
She is an amazing person and whoever wrote them secrets about her obviously doesnt know how kind and lovely she is.


Oh and #2 STFU.

Ps. This community is just here to stir shit, no wonder you only had 1 secret last week, its absolute bollocks.
Im only on here to defend my friend.


December 30 2006, 15:07:37 UTC 10 years ago

I agree with the person above.

Traceh is amazing and so lovely and wouldn't say anything to hurt anyone.

The people who wrote it obviously don't know her and are just judging her because they are jealous that she has pictures with tom and they don't.

Get a life people for gods sake.


December 30 2006, 16:22:06 UTC 10 years ago

How DARE you go on about Traceh like that you fucking twisted bitch whoever post it.

Your not perfect so who the fuck are you to judge her?

You are a pathetic little wannabe so fucking leave her alone!!

is her name really spelt like Traceh?

i do love the bitchiness of all these secrets tho. keeps me entertained.


December 30 2006, 16:56:21 UTC 10 years ago

No, it's actually spelt Tracey, it's just the way someone spelt it for her ages ago, and she liked it.
nah that girl just looks happy to see him!

and i agree with the slash bit...ew!

and number 5 is so true! hate it on there now (but ill still probably check these haha)


January 4 2007, 12:51:03 UTC 10 years ago

Gee. I love all the abuse I get for posting a secret.
Its great.
Keep it coming, I love it.